[Histonet] Microscopy Today mounting media article

From:Tony Collins

I'd first like to thank people for the kind feedback I've had regarding 
my article in Microscopy Today. I'm pleased people are finding it 
useful. I certainly found compiling it very helpful.

The article started off as kind of bullet-point document detailing the 
experiences of the confocal and histonet users. It was originally a PDF 
on our website before Microscopy Today approached me for a more 
polished, expanded version.

It was always meant to be a 'work in progress' continually updated as 
users gain more experience with the increasing number of mounting media. 
The online version will be updated periodically. There is currently an 
interesting thread on the confocal-list discussing how to mount live 

You can download the latest PDF of the article from our website:

The big advantage of the PDF version is that it's 'updateable'. There 
are also clickable-links in the PDF to the original archive-comments for 
those who want to dig further.

Kind regards,


Tony Collins, Ph.D.
Facility Manager
Wright Cell Imaging Facility
Toronto Western Research Institute
13-407 McLaughlin Pavilion
399 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON. M5T 2S8
tel. (416) 603 5367 fax: (416) 603 5745

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