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From:"Dr. Nami Aljehani"

  Histotechnologist Job Opportunity 
  King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is newly opened medical facility and considered the largest medical facility in the Middle East that specializes in treating rare and specialty diseases (e.g. Oncology, Neurology, Genetic diseases, Cardiac diseases). The complex incorporates 4 hospitals and a medical school. The capacity of this medical city is up to 1200 bed and expected to treat more than 50,000 in-house patients and more than 600,000 outpatients annually. 
  Immediate job opportunities for 2 Histotechnologist positions in the Anatomical pathology and Cytology Department 
  The laboratory is equipped with most of the equipment that is needed to run a modern pathology lab. However, there are some machines that will be arriving in the near future such as the Autoimmune stainer. I'm the technical supervisor with 2 senior Histopathology Technologist and 4 Junior Medical Technologist. Currently the work load is not that heavy  but after the Medical City is up and running at full capacity we will be extremely busy.
  Job Description 
   Maintain a high standard of accuracy and technical competence in the performance of the daily routine procedures, special stains, immunohistochemical stains, and frozen sections.   
   Participates in scheduled, regularly allocated on call duty and flexible scheduling to permit required services, e.g. on weekends or holidays.   
   Participates in continuing education activities and proficiency testing as required or recommended by accrediting agencies.   
   Participates in and contributes to quality assurance (performance improvement) programs as mandated by the Department, the institution and regulatory and accrediting agencies.   
   Performs other relevant duties as requested by immediate supervisor or section chief in the operation of the histology laboratory.   
   Possesses excellent communication and understanding of multi cultural environment. 
  1.    Bachelors degree in Medical Technology or science chemistry and biology courses 
  2.    ASCP Histotechnology (HT) certification or equivalent 
  3.    Five years of experience in an accredited Pathology department 
  4.    Experience with medical photography desirable 
  5.    Experience in Molecular biology techniques desirable 
  6.    Basic acquaintance with computer.
  If interested, please forward resume to 
  Ms. Lora Wood
  Head, International Recruitment Unit
  Telephone: +966 1 465 6666 ext. 8156, 8003 or 2023
  Direct Fax Line:  +966 1 416 1158
  Dr Nami Aljehani, PhD, FRMS, FISAC
  Histopathology and Cytology Supervisor
  King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh
  Work Tel # + 966-1-4656666 Ext. 1537
  Bleep 3289
  Mobile # +966-506544-275
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