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From:Jennifer MacDonald

A friend has asked advice using MMA.  I have no experience.  Can anyone 
help? See message below.
Thank you.
Jennifer MacDonald
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"Guerrero, Debbie"  
02/13/2006 02:32 PM



Help needed

  I have a question and I'm wondering if you can offer some advice.
I'm currently embedding M. cochlea in JB-4 (GMA) and Technovit 9100 New, 
which is MMA.  We are having a very hard times with the sections in MMA 
sticking to the slides, the completely fall of, even before staining. I've 
tried what they suggest of putting 30% ETOH to the knife and pick it up on 
a superfrost slide that has 50% ETOH, but no success.  Also tomorrow we 
are going to try embedd in polyester wax.  I've been reading about it and 
I've found that sections also have difficulty staying on the slide. 

Any sugestions will be highly appreciated.

P.S GMA sections no problems, they have worked fine, even with the H&E.

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