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Im doing an MSc research project but am pretty strapped for antibody and
don't have enough to do a thorough optimization.

Im using Dako monoclonal mouse anti-human VEGF (clone VG1) on sections of
colon and rectum, and would appreciate any info anyone has who uses this

In particular im after info on retrieval and dilution. Dako recommends
1:25-1.50 but if anyone has a cheat (i.e high dilution with overnight
incubation), it would really help me out.

Ive tried 20mins microwave with high pH solution (as recommended)using
tonsil on coated slides but sections came off! Does anyone hotplate sections
or oven overnight (40/60degrees)? Microwave with normal pH buffer wasn't too

What tissue do you use as a control?

Please help im on a tiny budget and need to get this up and running using as
little as possible!


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