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They have a pretty good line.

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Louise Strande 
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02/21/2005 03:01 PM

        Subject:        [Histonet] Negative Rabbit Contrl

Does anyone have a source for a good normal rabbit IgG to use for negative 
control immunohistochemical applications?   I have human tissue or human 
cytospins and occassionally my primary antibody is grown in rabbit.  In 
order to run a non immunized rabbit negative control,   I have purchased 
normal rabbit IgG from DAKO, Zymed, Santa Cruz, Lab Visions.  Every one I 
try gives positive staining on the negative slide.  I have done the 
appropriate tests and the staining is not coming from streptaviden, or the 
link anibody, but from the rabbit IgG itself.  I do not have this problem 
with Mouse negative control IgG or goat negative control IgG.   Any 
suggestions, other than not buying any antibodies rasied in rabbit?

Louise Strande, MS
Cooper University Hospital
Department of Surgery
Division of Surgical Research
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