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From:"Frank, Matthew"

I use root tip sections fixed in CRAF and stained with Flemming's Triple
stain (Safranin O, Crystal Violet and Orange G).

Xylene, Ethanol changes to hydrate, water rinse, Safranin O 1% aqueous for
1.5 hours, 15-25 secondes with 1% Iodine and 1% KI in 80 % ethanol, 5
minutes in 1%aq crsytal violet, 30 seconds of same iodine solution, rinsed
with 100% ethanol, 0.25 % solution of clove oil for about 5 minutes (be
careful not to take out all of the crystal violet), rinse with xylene, clear
and mount.

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Dose any one on the list have any knowledge or experience in plant
 Specifically I am trying to demonstrate mitosis in onion roots.  The slides

I have access to are faded and the details are not crisp enough for 
photography.  Any help on processing protocols and staining techniques would
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