RE: [Histonet] 37% formaldehyde & the UK & Europe

From:Sharon Cooperman

I asked a question about formalin/formaldehyde nomenclature about a 
year ago and received several excellent replies.  The question is 
answered in the following paper (which a very nice and patient 
histonetter sent me the reference for):

Proper nomenclature of formaldehyde and paraformaldehyde fixatives 
for histochemistry.  Manoonkitiwongsa, P.S.  The Histochemical 
Journal 34:  365-367.  2002.

Even though I got such good and informative replies to my question I 
cannot really reproduce them here in a way that would be clear and 
articulate enough for anyone to understand, so I suggest people read 
the article.  The article is very clear and informative and after 
reading it carefully I understand formalin/formaldehyde for about 30 
minutes before I am hopelessly confused again.  If anyone needs it I 
can send a pdf.

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