[Histonet] storage of frozen cryosections (again)

From:"Anna Elisse Beaudin"

Dear Histonet,

   I have a question regarding the storage and preservation of frozen
cryosections.  I apologize if I have asked this question before, but
I'm still unclear as to the best approach.  Currently, when I collect
cryosections, I dry them overnight at room temp and than use them
immediately the next day.  however, I would like to be able to collect
sections to use at later timepoints.  My concern is that O/N drying at
room temperature followed by freezing and storage at -20 or -80 might
cause ice crystals or otherwise affect the quality and morphology of my
sections.  Additionally, even if I were to freeze the sections
immediately following sectioning, they are still collected on slides at
room temperature, and thus I wonder if I would have the same problem
with thaw/freeze.  I would greatly appreciate anyone's advice with
this... I would really like to be able to preserve more sections for
later use!

Thanks so much in advance!
Anna Beaudin
Division of Nutritional Sciences
Cornell University

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