Re: [Histonet] artery sectioning

From:"Mark Roper"

Hi Laura

    Another trick to get rid of folds in tricky tissues is float them out on
50% alcohol first.  Place a clean slide on the side of the waterbath and
pour a few ml of 50% alcohol onto it.  Then float the artery section onto
this slide and gently lower it into the waterbath.  I think the alcohol
expands quickly when it hits the warm water - pulling out any creases.

Mark Roper
Scarborough Hospital

> I am having a difficult time sectioning artery for the HT practical.  I
> have increased the temperature of my water bath but the folds still
> persist.  Any suggestions?
> Laura L. Fidgen, MScF, BSc
> Laboratory and Research Practioner
> VMRCVM, Laboratory Central Receiving
> Blacksburg, VA 24060-0443
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