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Hi Wendy
If you're checking angiogenisis after drug treatment, surely you should be comparing tissue before and after the drug treatment to validate any change in blood vessel growth due to the drug?
In which case eyes would be a bad choice of tissue.
To my mind you should be looking at whatever tissue the particular drug effects, especially if it's cytotoxic/anti cancer etc.
A few years ago I suppervised a Masters Degree project on angiogenisis in breast carcinomas and CD31 and CD34 seemed to be the best antibodies to demonstrate small blood vessels. EGF (endothelial growth factor) is another one to consider.
The tissue used was standard formalin fixed and HIER was used to unmask the epitopes.
Best advice I suppose, is to scan the literature to see what the current thinking is. There's been a lot of papers published on angiogenesis in the recent past, so there's plenty of info available.
Good luck
Nick Kirk
Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Wendy England  wrote:
Dear histonetters,

We are going to have a study that check angiogenesis after drug treatment. 
I have three questions: a, what tissue we should look at, is eye a good one? 
b, how to fix this tissue? c, what stain, or what antibody, we should use?

Any advice is highly appreciated.

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