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When I worked in a hospital lab where we did multiple needle biopsy cases 
on a daily basis, the number of cores per vial (usually 4-6 as I recall) 
was documented by the surgeon, and the pathologist documented the same 
(hopefully). They were carefully aligned and laid flat wrapped in lens 
paper for processing. The number of cores was written on the cassette, so 
the persons embedding and cutting would know how many cores to find 
without looking at the paperwork.  On a side note, only the very skilled 
technicians could embed and cut prostate cores - with multiple cores it 
was imperative that they all be on the same plane in the block - big 
difference embedding these opposed to hunks o' uterus.  Microtomy was the 
same - if you were afraid to cut one - we didn't let you.  We had a pretty 
good system going there. 

Jacqueline M. O'Connor HT(ASCP)
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Cindy DuBois 
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02/26/2004 01:33 PM

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I just love this list.  It has helped me so much to do the best job I can.
Now to my question:
    How do other labs prepare their prostate biopsies?  I am talking about
do you separate each biopsy into its' own cassette (whether they are
received this way or not)?  Or do you put everything that is received in 
specimen bottle into one cassette (inking them)?

We have a debate going on at our lab right now as to which way is best.

I like to know when I am embedding that there will only be one biopsy in
each cassette rather than having to look up the case to find out how many
there are suppose to be and making sure I get them all in the mold and on
the same plane.  I have one pathologist who agrees with me.

My co-workers and the PA want them one block per each container so there 
less blocks to process and cut.

Our other two pathologists say they don't have a preference.

I would like to know what the consensus is on these two methods, or does
anyone else have a better way of processing these things.

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter,

Cindy DuBois, HT ASCP

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