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From:"Vinnie Della Speranza"

The next issue of HistoLogic will include a comprehensive article by Gayle Callis on the handling of tissues intended for cryosectioning. Gayle may respond to this query herself but have you considered perfusing the lung with OCT before freezing? The OCT can, in this manner, occupy the spaces filled with air that will provide the support the tissue needs during sectioning.

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>>> "Ing. Barbara Bublava"  02/23/04 08:23AM >>>
Hi everybody,

I m having problems with the cryosectioning of lung, the air in it causes
some trouble. I had the idea to get rid of it using vaccum but our
pathologist thinks that this woul affekt oedemas.

I have to section formalin-fixated and native lung. I did try to work
at -20C for native and -30C for fixated lung.

I would be very glad for any hints.
Thanx in advance

Barbara Bublava

Inst. f. Forensic Medicine

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