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This would be a good time for the manufacturers to chime in.  When I 
worked where we manufactured antibodies (not all for IHC) we followed 
strict freeze/thaw guidelines for antibodies.  The maximum number of 
freeze thaw cycles for bulk antibodies was 3.  After that, the potency of 
the antibodies deteriorated (per stability testing results).  The potency 
of frozen as well as refrigerated antibodies was carefully monitored by 
pre-determined testing points to ensure reproducible testing results by 
customers.  The expiration date of refrigerated antibodies and other 
reagents was determined when the potency started to drop off.  The potency 
of antibodies was tested up to a month after the determined expiration 
date, so we could ensure customers would continue to get satisfactory 
results right up to the expiration date. 

Jackie O'

Ian Montgomery 
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        Subject:        [Histonet] Advice.

         Antibody, store at 4C, do not freeze, stable for 1 year. What's 
the current thinking. Are these antibodies affected by freezing? Or is it 
just the company covering themselves against users thaw/freezing. In the 
past I've just aliquoted and frozen anyway.

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