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From:"Bonnie Whitaker"

I also also used the chlorox with good results, but I just wanted to caution
people to not leave any metal instruments soaking in there overnight, or for
very long.  I have ruined more forceps than I care to count by dropping them
in the dishwater to disinfect them, and forgetting and leaving them there
all night :)

Bonnie Whitaker

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Subject: [Histonet] Substitute for acid cleaning

Hello to all - I found that cleaning glass with 10% chlorox for at least 30 
minutes and follow with several changes of distilled deionized water will
glassware for silver staining.  When I have time I will soak overnight,
well, dry, and then cover with parafilm untill time to use.  Hopefully it 
will work for you.  I have used this method in several different labs
the country (I do temp histology) and it has work well each time.

On an aside, I thought the typo was funny --made my day.  It's like those 
times when the bad words come out unexpectedly under stress and you can't
them back!!!!!

Have a good day everyone.  We are lucky to be in such an interesting, varied


Priscilla - Still in Central Wyoming
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