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We rinse with Contrad 70 after a thorough washing with alconox in a dishwasher running very high quality distilled/deionized H2O.  This Contrad 70 (it is a liquid) rinse takes place just before using the glassware.  We pour the Contrad 70 in and out of its alloquat container using the glassware to be cleaned.  I like to let a film of Contrad set on the glass surface for 30 seconds after pouring back and forth, then you must completely rinse off any residual Contrad 70 with DI before use.  The Contrad 70 can be reused (from alloquat) many times but discard it if it darkens or gets contaminated with any dyes.  A key element in this approach is that the glassware must be well cleaned with Alconox and high quality water before proceding to the Contrad 70.  We have not used any strong acids to clean glassware for many years since switching to this method and we perform numerous silver based stains including Biel's.

Good luck,

Joe Galbraith

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Hi Everyone:

I have been using pure Nitric Acid for years to acid-clean glassware for 
my 20% silver nitrate Bielschowsky stain.
I would like to find a safer substitute for it.
Any ideas?
What do other people use to acid-clean their glassware?
Thanks for any advice you can give.

Tim Wheelock
Brain Bank
McLean Hospital
Belmont MA

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