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We are a non-profit private children's hospital that unfortunately does get a few cases of  both.  Right now we have a very sick kid and we can't start treatment for adeno without an accurate diagnosis(the treatment is very harsh on the patient).  In general I agree with your statement, but then you get into the argument about how much is one life worth.  Besides somebody has to run it so that everybody else can send their cases to them.  
Maybe we should have a database of all the tests that are available from the different labs that contact the histonet so that we know where we can send a specific test without having to waste time asking around and having to wait for replies.  Just a thought.

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	Should everyone be doing every immunoperoxidase available?  It is my
	opinion that if you don't do an immunoperoxidase stain on a regular
	basis, you shouldn't be doing it!  I see more problems when labs attempt
	to do an IP stain when they don't get many requests for it.  I realize
	that pressure may come from your pathologist(s), but you simply tell
	them that we don't get enough request for this IP stain to make it
	cost-effective, or that you don't have the technical expertise or
	positive control material to guarantee quality control.
	Richard Cartun
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	Is anyone running this two immunos?  I  need help getting them to work
	either on the Ventana or DAKO stainers.  Also if somebody has a source
	for controls, I would appreciate an address.
	Juan C. Gutierrez, HT(ASCP)
	Histology Supervisor
	Christus Santa Rosa Healthcare
	San Antonio, TX  78207

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