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From:"Paula Wilder"

Hi Cindy!

We also receive quite a few prostate biopsies A-M, but mostly A-F.  Anyway, 
the policy at our institution is no more than 3 biopsy pieces per cassette, 
so if an A prostate biopsy contained 7 cores, then the PAs would make two 
cassettes, one with 3 and other with 4 pieces.  As a tech, I find this a 
little difficult, since both A blocks would have to be embedded together to 
ensure that 7 pieces were indeed found.  The PAs also "ink" the tips of each 
biopsy with a color dye.  We use yellow, black, blue and green.  We found 
that the red ink color bled out to other biopsies.  We do this because we 
sometimes accession several prostate cases back to back, and although they 
are grossed at different work stations, this is another way to ensure that 
the accessioning is correct and that patients did not inadvertently get 

Paula Wilder
St. Joseph Medical Center
Towson, MD. 21204

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