[Histonet] bone marrow IHC

From:Sharon Cooperman

Hi, thanks to all the people who helped me with perfusions.  I have 
another question related to a technique I haven't done before: 
immunofluorescence on bone marrow.  I'm trying to use F4/80 to stain 
for macrophages and ter-119 to stain for erythroid lineage cells as 
well as various other antibodies.  Do people have an opinion on what 
is the best way to fix the tissue, and does anyone have suggestions 
on the F4/80 and ter-119 (including suggestions of other antibodies 
to try)?  I get a lot of background with these markers (although 
maybe it's real and not background).  Is immunofluorescence the way 
to go for bone marrow or is immunohistochemistry better?  Are smears 
better or should I be doing paraffin embedded sections?  Thanks, I 
appreciate any and all suggestions!


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