[Histonet] Prostate Needle Biopsies


Regarding the treatment of prostate needle biopsies, a paper recently appeared in the journal UROLOGY addressing this question. Here is the reference:

Individual submission and embedding of prostate biopsies decreases rates of equivocal pathology reports. Chakshu Gupta, Jian Z. Rena and Kirk J. Wojnoa
Urology Vol. 63, No.1,  January 2004, pp. 83-86

This is the Conclusion from the abstract:

"Multiple needle biopsies submitted in 1 to 2 containers tend to entangle and fragment and are difficult to embed in a single plane during processing. The resulting loss of tissue surface area makes a definitive diagnosis difficult on small foci of atypical glands, resulting in equivocal pathology reports. The results of our study indicate that individual submission and processing of prostate biopsies in 6 to 12 container kits reduces the monthly rates of equivocal diagnoses."

-Alan Meeker

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