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From:Victoria Baker


Back in the mid 90's we used these sponges (polyvinyl
acetate)as implants in rats for wound healing
research.  They do not dissolve while processing.  Two
things though, once we softened the sponges by letting
them soak in a very dilute solution of baby shampoo,
the results were disastrous.  They just disintegrated
up on the water bath.  The other thing is that if
these sponges haven't been softened they can cause
havoc on your blade.  I used to soak them in a 1%
solution of cold ammonium hydroxide for a few minutes
before cutting.  Also as an extra precaution I let
them air dry overnight. Do not use any Histofreeze or
other refrigerant.  Ice chips can be used in between
if you need a little extra moisture.  

Good luck.

Vikki Baker
Institute for Cancer Prevention
Valhalla, New York 10595  
--- Sylvia Poulos  wrote:
> Hi all!
> I have some tissue that has polyvinyl sponge
> embedded in it.  I need to
> process it but was wondering if anyone knew if it
> will interfere?  I
> don't mind if it stays there and I cut sections with
> it in the tissue or
> if it dissolves in the xylene...just wondering if I
> should do anything
> special.  If polyvinyl dissolves in xylene will the
> tissue collapse on
> itself, and if so, is there anything I can do to
> prevent this? As
> always, thanks for the help!
> Enjoy the day! Sylvia
> Sylvia P. Poulos
> USDA-ARS-Animal Physiology Research Unit
> Athens, GA 30605
> 706-583-8279
> 706-542-0399 (fax)
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