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From:"Joyce Cline"

I use the Ventana, we perform several different stains at a time, but there
is a problem of not being able to run silver stains along with others
because you run out of space for the stain vials.
I find that even though we sometimes run the Ventana 2 - 3 times a day, it
saves by not having all these stains done by hand, which frees my techs to
perform other areas of  the job. The quality is excellant, sometimes you
have to tweek the stain to satisfy your paths.
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Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2004 4:34 AM
Subject: [Histonet] nexes stainer

A question to those, who work with the nexes special stainer:
We are going to test the nexes. We have max. 20 slides to stain per day. For
example 8 PAS, 3 CAB (trichrom), 3 NASD, 3 BB, 2 Retic., 3 Jones-Methenamin
and so on.
And some of the stains can't be performed on the nexes.
Doing it by hand we need most of the time about 1 to 1,5  hours in the

Can you give me an advice, what amount of stains per day makes sense to use
an automatic stainer like the nexes?
And how long do you need from preparing the slides until the ready stains.?

Thanks in advance
Gudrun Lang, Austria
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