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From:"Gudrun Lang"

In our lab we use sliding microtoms and one person does the sectioning and
Our waterbaths are filles with pure aqua dest., without any additive, at ca.
45 degrees. Most of the slides are untreated. The sections are 3 Ám thick.
The slides dry 25 minutes in a drying chamber with air circulation at 60
degrees. Then we put them (warm) 3 x 5 min in bioclear and so on. We have
almost no lost of sections and because of the lack of any additive no
background stain.
We loose most of the sections, when the drying-time is not long enough.
How do you treat your slides after sectioning?

Gudrun Lang,
gneral hospital Linz, Austria

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From: "Hans Ooms" 
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2004 2:29 PM
Subject: [Histonet] histolab-organisation

Dear fellow-histonetters,

I've had some discussion about the following two subjects :

First :

Every histologylab has its own way of tissueprocessing, as we all know; one
lab will choose paraffinesectioning and mounting performed by one tech, the
other chooses for sectioning by one tech, supported by a second tech who
will mount the sections.
(using waterbaths), i.e. one microtome, two techs.

Does anyone of you have experience with both methods and what method is the
most efficient? I've had experience with both and I think the latter is, but
had some arguing with colleagues about this subject.

Second :

We use waterbaths to stretch paraffinsections and put some glycerine (app.
10 ml : 1000 ml water) in the bath for better mounting. The results are
usually satisfying, except for very greasy tissue (lumps, mainly).
Some labs use waterbaths and prepared slides (manually putting a film of
glycerine on it) resulting in more background staining, depending the
concentration of glycerine.

Does anyone know a method which provides great mounting results, fairly no
loss of tissue and absence of background staining ?

Thanks very much in advance !!

Hans Ooms
The Netherlands
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