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In the UK we have a Professional body called the Institute of Biomedical Science.
Within this organisation are numerous Cellular Pathology discussion groups who hold meetings/lectures as well as the IBMS itself which holds a biennial Scientific Conference (the next one is in 2006).
If you go to the IBMS website, there are listings of events, courses etc as well as links to other organisations and providers of educational activities.
We also have another website called, where you will find articles as well as scientific information.
Hope that is of some use.
If I can be of any further help, just ask.
Nick Kirk
Head BMS
Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Gudrun Lang  wrote:
Dear histonetters!
My pathologist asked me to look for histotech trainings. (I don't know, how to say it better in English). Any event, where interested histotechs can get informations about new techniques, histology-knowledge e.g. in U.K. (USA is unfortunatly too expensive for our small hospital.)
Can anybody tell me an adress, where I can ask for such events? For example a pathology-association or histotech-association?
Thanks in advance
Gudrun Lang
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