Re: [Histonet] artery sectioning

From:Sharron Ladd

Rather than increasing water bath temperature I decreased it. I left my 
artery sections (5 micron not 4) on a low temp. (about 37-42 degrees C) 
water bath for up to an hour....then dried the slides vertically at room 
temp. overnight. I probably cut 50 or more slides before I found the 
perfect section (of course then I had to get the perfect stain).
People had told me to put a cap full of methanol in my water bath but I 
didn't have any success with that. Another trick was to put Downy fabric 
softener in the water bath but I didn't know how much and it just made a 
big mess of everything.
Good luck.
P.S. I recently did the HT and the HTL and passed them both. Feel free 
to email me if you need any more help.

Laura Fidgen wrote:

> I am having a difficult time sectioning artery for the HT practical.  
> I have increased the temperature of my water bath but the folds still 
> persist.  Any suggestions?
> Laura L. Fidgen, MScF, BSc
> Laboratory and Research Practioner
> VMRCVM, Laboratory Central Receiving
> Blacksburg, VA 24060-0443
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