Re: [Histonet] The right processor for ISH

Maybe we are talking Processing machine as the subject line says,rather than embedding machine, embedding being the point of tissue going into wax and solidifying.  Thermo Citadel brand processor is/was simple and uncomplicated.

Dave Ed    Christie Hosp, Manchester UK

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Date : 02 February 2004 20:57:03
Subject : [Histonet] The right processor for ISH
I sent this e-mail out on Christmas Day but didn't get too many  
>Can anyone suggest the right embedding machine for small scale ISH  
>studies. My museum is interested in getting one and we are looking  
>around for the right price/protocol. So far we've been  embedding by  
>hand, but it would be fun to have a machine do the solvent and  
>paraplast changes instead.

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