Re: [Histonet] Storage of Primary Antibodies!

From:Bill Blank

At 8:48 AM -0500 2/16/04, Jennifer Hoover wrote:
>  I have a question regarding the storage (short or longer
>term) of primary antibodies.

IN the good days before monoclonals and kits we 
made GFAP the old fashion wat by injecting 
rabits, harvesting antibodies and absorbing until 
we got good specific staining. About a litre of 
good antibody was aliquoted and stored in a Revco 
(I think -70) and it remained good for at least 
8 years.

If I had a Revco now, I would do this will all 
antibodies and validate them per case by using 
Bill Blank, MD
Heartland Lab, Inc

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