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From:"Aidan Schurr"

Hi Vinnie and all,

If you are interested in what I've been up to in the last year, check out

That's our homepage, with lots of photos and stories of where we've been and
what we've done.  The website imposes a daily limit on traffic, so if you
get an error, try again tomorrow ;-)

As for being a locum, it was a big, big change from being a manager!  I have
to say, it was an extremely enlightening experience - the difference between
labs in New Zealand and those in the UK is quite profound.  The basic
methodologies are no different (hands up those who use Bancroft and
Stevens?), but the way the systems are implemented is quite distinct.  That
being said, a month in and it was like I'd been there forever (mostly in a
good way, that is!).  I was lucky enough to be placed in a long term locum
position, with a great bunch of people at UCLH in London, so it made the 12
months go extremely quickly...

Regards to all,

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Welcome back Aidan. It 's a pleasure to have you back in our ranks even
though I am nore than a bit envious of your travel exploits. you'll have to
share with us your experiences as a locum tech.


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>>> "Aidan Schurr"  02/10/04 08:46AM >>>
Hi Folks,

It's been a year or so since I've been on the list, so I though I'd drop a
quick note to you all and say a great big "gidday"!

For those of you who remember me, I was Section Head of Histology at Hutt
Hospital in Wellington New Zealand...  Well, in the iterim, I've taken off
to the Northern hemisphere, and having been living for the last 12 months in
London, England, working as a locum Lab Tech.  I've been doing as much
travelling as is possible, and generally having a good time...

Will be great to chat to you all again.  Hope I can still be of some help!!

Aidan Schurr.
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