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From:"Steven E. Slap"

Hi HistoNetters

Tony Filips asked about microwave decalcification 
procedures.  A laboratory microwave with a vented 
cavity (for fumes) and temperature control is 
required for this application.  References can be 
found in Kok & Boon, chapter 16, pp 226-229.  In 
general, I recommend use of a 10% formic acid 
solution, although 5% formic acid /5 % 
hydrochloric acid can be used where 
immunohistochemistry will not be as much of an 
issue.  EDTA can also be used.  I use a 
temperature of 50C for trephine biopsies and 
37C for larger bone samples in the Milestone 
microwaves.  Some form of agitation is very 
helpful to keep fresh decalcification fluid 
always in contact with the specimen.  It is 
critical that proper fixation be caried out, on 
the bench or in the microwave, prior to 

best regards,
Steven Slap
Microwave Consultant

At 5:51 AM -0800 2/9/04, tony filips wrote:
>Our lab is investigating microwave decal (with/without
>vacuum).  Can anyone direct me to some  m-wave
>procedures.  Thanks...
>Anthony Filipunas
>Histology Manager
>MPI Research
>Mattawan, MI
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