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From:Phillip Huff

Why spend any money? NIH has a free program called ImageJ (for PCs) (or
NIH Image for Macs ;-)) that has a number of macro-based add-ons for
different image analysis applications. Search for either ImageJ or NIH
Image (in Google of course) and you should find the program through the
NIH website.

It may take some time to invest in getting the correct macros (or perhaps
he can write his own). Then he should share them through the NIH Image

Hope this helps,

> We have a post-doc in our lab that is looking for a Windows-based software
> for image analysis, specifically pixel analysis, of his confocal images.
> He is doing colocalization studies of his fluorescent-labeled tissue and
> is looking for a program that is less than $500 that he can load on his
> personal computer. We have Image-Pro Plus in the lab, but I am not
> familiar with other programs (let alone this one) and was wondering if
> anyone has any suggestions for us.
> Thanks so much!!
> Elke Pravda
> Research Assistant
> Biostructure Core Facility
> Forsyth Institute
> Boston, MA 02155
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