Re: [Histonet] Fite's Acid-Fast Stain for Nocardia


Hell Diane,
   We do the Fite's routinely with a little modification.
After xylene/peanut oil, we put the slides in xylene for 10
minutes, then wash in running water. NO BLOTTING. The stain
comes out as clean as the Kinyoun's procedure for both
Nocardia and Leprosy with no loss of staining.
Rena Fail
> We use the fite's stain for nocardia. We are having
> trouble with blotchy  background staining due to the
> xylene/peanut oil used in the stain. We blot  our slides
> and rinse them with warm water, but still have the
> background blotchy staining. Thank-you for any help that
> you could give me.
>                                                     Diane
> Gerjets
>                                               Iowa  State
> University
>                                           College  of
> Veterinary Medicine
>                                                 Ames,
> Iowa 50011
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