Re: [Histonet] Control probes for chick and mouse embryos and adult tissues

From:Donna Brown

Hi Teri-
When working with ISH probes to pick up RNA transcripts (vs. DNA sequences) 
we like to use a poly T probe as the vast majority of mRNA contain a poly A 
tail.  The probe should light up every cell and works quite nicely to check 
if the pretreatment and hybridization steps make all the cells available 
for probe hybridization.

Our company, Phoenix BioTechnologies (the old Research Genetics crew) sells 
a poly T probe prelabeled with a tail containing multiple biotins, making 
the control probe step fast and easy.  You can view our in stock probes at
and other solutions, including our popular Stable DAB at

If you'd like further info about controls for probing DNA targets, please 
contact me.

Best regards-

Donna Brown
Phoenix BioTechnologies
1000 Meridain St
Huntsville, AL 35801
(866) 319-0900  phone
(256) 319-0902  fax

>We are currently doing ISH techniques for the researchers here and as a
>matter of quality control, we would like to find a probe or probes that
>can be used as a positive control in mouse and chick tissues.  We'd
>prefer not to use regularly housekeeping genes because all the tissue
>elements will stain and that would be difficult to distinguish any
>sensitivity or specificity issues.  What do you use in this situation?
>Teri Johnson
>Managing Director Histology Facility
>Stowers Institute for Medical Research
>1000 E. 50th St.
>Kansas City, Missouri  64110
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