Re: [Histonet] Cerner vs Meditech

From:"Rebecca Barnhart"

Our entire hospital has Meditech here and love it.  Meditech Client
Server is windows based (that is what we have) but Magic is like a DOS
system.  I have never used but seen magic and was not impressed with it.
 I was on our Meditech team and set up the pathology module.  Out of the
3 other system we have had, I like Meditech the best.  I think it is
very user friendly, point and click.  There are a lot of ways to
customize to suit your needs.  If you need any more information let me
know.  I can put together some screen prints if it would help.


>>> "Joanne Mauger"  02/05/04 12:51PM >>>
They have used meditech here for years and don,t like it. We are
looking at Cerner, which is windows based, and much easier to use and
interface. Meditech is archaic key funtion DOS like system.

>>> "Hallada, Teri"  02/05/04 10:29AM >>>
I was wondering if anyone could offer advice in choosing between Cerner
and Meditech AP systems. We are currently using Tamtron (and hope to
continue). The hospital is in the process of choosing a new HIS and we
may be asked to utilize one of these two systems.
Teri Hallada BS MT CT (ASCP) 

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