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From:"Bonner, Janet"

 I think that if anything develops later on in your children, you'll always
wonder what role Histology may have played.  I worked in a lab in 1980-81
when I was pregnant and my son seemed fine - until last week.  An Echo
cardiogram showed a missing tricuspid valve and the other two were fused!
Of course now he's 22 and been through things like strept throat and ear
aches and God only knows what other flus, genetic abnormalities never
discovered before ECHOs, etc.   Enjoy life while we have it together, but
ALWAYS take precautions no matter what you are doing-
 (My older collegues suffered as a result of choloroform which used to be
widely used in Histology but is now restricted/prohibited.)

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My children are 8 and 11 years old, and until now they are obviosly healthy.
During pregnancy I was not allowed to be in rooms with formalin, xylol or
any other probably cancerogen reagens. I was not allowed to handle with
nativ probes, like making cryo sections or grossing.
My duties were cutting in a seperate room and doing administrative jobs.
I had a coworker, who had her children in the 1960s. In this time, there
were no fumehoods and xylol-wet slides were dried near the radiator. Using
gloves was not really appriciated. But yet her girls are healthy and have
also healthy children.
But something irritated me, when she told about the good old times. Her
elder colleages didn't reach a really high age and often had some cancer
hope this helps

Gudrun Lang
Linz, Austria
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Subject: [Histonet] pregnancy in histology lab

> I am performing a pole for some inquiring employees.  If anyone would like
to comment - Thank you.
> 1.  Have you ever been pregnant while working with in the histology
> 2.  Did your work duties have to be altered while being pregnant and to
what extent?
> 3.  Did working in the histology laboratory effect your pregnancy in any
negative way?
> Our laboratory does perform regular ppm testing for xylene and formalin.
> Thank you for any comments for our pole,
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