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From:"Favara, Cynthia (NIH/NIAID)"


I have tried numerous inking dyes for mouse brain and spinal cord and have
found that they obscure the stain we use here to a significant extent. I
have found that the best thing to do it to get a very good pair of
magnifying glasses and familiarize yourself with the anatomy. I also place
the spinal cord on tissue/lens paper with a specified side down. Hope this

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From: Cooperman, Sharon (NIH/NICHD) 
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Subject: [Histonet] marking ink

Dear Histonetters,

I'm also looking for marking ink, something I can use to mark the 
orientation of a mouse spinal cord (dissected out of the spine) to 
tell which side is dorsal or ventral to orient myself for embedding. 
Does anyone know of something that would work for this?

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