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From:"Evelyn Kaplan"

Hi Theresa,

Thanks for your reply but I am well familiar with the 'in-house' sytem of
control tissues. I am more interested in inocultaing tissues, such as fresh
placenta, with 'substances' to create a new control block. Just wondering if
anyone has tried it!


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Evelyn:  We make many of our own controls, using other cases that are
positive for the pathology tested for.  Our pathologists keep us
informed on + Helicobacter Pylori, and for other things, we use tissue
raided from surgicals (such as appendix for Trichrome, non-neoplastic
spleen for reticulum, liver for PAS).  Good liver for Fe controls is
hard to find, some Histonetters in England sent me a batch.  I think you
could "raid" surgicals, and find nearly any tissue you need for
controls.  Our computer system allows a natural language search, so it
gets easier.  Peace,  Terre

>>> "Evelyn Kaplan"  2/8/2004 12:13:37 AM >>>

Good morning,

I realise this is a subject which has been previously discussed but I
if anyone has had experience of 'manufacturing' their own control
blocks? I
have a student about to start a project  and would apreciate any

Evelyn Kaplan,
Dept of Pathology,
College of Medicine and Health Sciences,
Sultan Qaboos University,

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