RE: [Histonet] Storage of Primary Antibodies!

From:Jennifer Hoover

        Hi Pam,

                Thank you for the timely reply. This particular antibody 
is an "in-house" antibody so I cannot readily give out the clone 
information. My reasoning for aliquoting and freezing was my concern that 
there are no preservatives (like sodium azide) added. However, I conducted 
one titration experiment with beautiful results. Then it was about 2 1/2 
to 3 weeks later until I could conduct the complete experiment with all 
time points included. At this time I started having problems with the 
primary antibody dilutions. I suspect that the antibody does not like 
being frozen. I am using the same procedure and all the same reagents. 

Jennifer Hoover
BI Research
Eli Lilly and Company

Pamela Marcum 
02/16/2004 09:22 AM

        To:     Jennifer Hoover 
        Subject:        RE: [Histonet] Storage of Primary Antibodies!

Hi Jennifer,

Some antibodies are fine for storage at -80 and some are not.  I think 
will depend on the antibody.  It may be useful to let us now which
antibodies are not doing well as other people may have had experience with
them and have suggestions for you.


Pam Marcum 

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>         Histonet,
>                 I have a question regarding the storage (short or longer
> term) of primary antibodies. Is it conducive to aliquot and store 
> antibodies at -80C?? Is there the potential for diminished activity 
> storing the antibody for several weeks to several months? The aliquots
> that were used were thawed and used for one day only. Any volume that 
> not used was disgarded so freeze/thawing is not the problem. I would
> welcome any insight. Thank you very  much!
> Jennifer Hoover
> BI Research
> Eli Lilly and Company
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