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I think you need to work on your slide problem before switching antibodies.  Do you use coated slides?  If you do, do you put any type of adhesive in your water bath(no-no)?  
We use coated slides that we get from Stat-Lab.  They are German-made and of very good quality.  We used Erie slides before(Erie supplies a lot of vendors with their slides), but found them to be unreliable.  We had the same problem with tissue falling off.  Surgipath also makes their own slides and they were good for a while, but they also started having some quality problems.  Moral of the story, ask for samples and see what works best for you.  
When it comes to the waterbath, if you are using coated slides there is no need to put gelatin or Stay-on or glue or what have you in there.  All the additive does is neutralize the charge on the slide and not letting your tissue adhere properly to it.  We use charged slides for everything, including H&E's, so we dont add anythig at all to our water.
Hope this helps and good luck,
Juan C. Gutierrez, HT(ASCP)

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	Is anyone using a low molecular weight NFP for FFPE slides that does not
	require heat-induced antigen retrieval?  The sections of peripheral
	nerve on charged slides with overnight warming followed by oven heat are
	not staying on the slide after steamer/citrate retrieval.  Is there
	another type of slide or adhesive which helps?  Any information on these
	issues is welcomed and appreciated.
	Mary North, HT(ASCP), HTL
	Oregon Health and Science University
	Portland, OR
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