RE: [Histonet] Loss of Nuclear Detail in Bone Marrow

From:"Edmondson David (RBV) NHS Christie Tr"

Nuclear meltdown artefact, you may find text referenced under that title.

Maybe it is shortened fixation, maybe it is the presence of organic solvents
before the fixation is complete, maybe it is organics contaminating the
formalin starting point of processing.
Thermo I believe have/or did have advice to the effect of doing a water
rinse after the flush cycle to remove traces of eg. xylene/citrosol from the
Best wishes

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Subject: [Histonet] Loss of Nuclear Detail in Bone Marrow

Our bone marrow latey are losing their nuclear detail, both in the core and 
aspirate.  They are processed in 2 different processors as 2 different 
fixatives are used. Histochoice for the aspirate and B+ for the core. Our B+

cores have been coming our beautifully but the last few have developed solid

blue nuclei with no chromatin detail.  The aspirate goes immediately into 
Histochoice, the core is in B+ for 2 and half hours, in Decal Stat until 
they float, 15 minutes to an hour.  The program is a 13 overnight process.

Bernadette Weston HT
Barberton Citizens Hospital
Barberton, OH

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