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Our main concern, while we do find the tape expensive, is the fact that the
tape coverslips "remove" themselves after a few years, often removing the
entire section with it, leaving us with drawers full of blank slides and
loose coverslip/tissue combo's.  At this point we need to recut the original
block.  The beauty of this system is that we can ship our slides within
minutes of coverslipping.

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The staff here can hand coverslip 30 slides in 8-10 minutes 
The Sakura tape coverslipper does 30 in 1.5 minutes. 
With our workload this is about 2 hours a day in tech time that would be
When this tech time cost savings is weighed against the cost of the machine
and the increase in consumables (tape vs. coverslips and mounting medium)
the savings does not seem that overwhelming, even over 5 years.  

Am I missing some factor in this equation?  I truly love the Sakura
coverslipper, have used it in two other labs, and even wrote a justification
for one, but that was in 1992.  Has the cost of the tape gone up that much?
I remember a much bigger savings. Is my memory failing?  Any input you
experts can give me would be much appreciated!   (except those who blame my
failing memory...)


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