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In my experience destaining is not necessary if you are doing a heat
epitope retrieval.  The retrieval will remove most if not all of the H/E
stain.  You may have a slight blush of eosin when finished, but it will
be easy to distinguish from DAB staining in my experience.  I have
recently heard that there are some antibodies that may not be preserved
after H/E staining, but I have not experienced this personally.  AE1/AE3
should be fine.

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>From my experience it is possible. I would soak the slide in fresh

>xylene,changing often, until it will lift off without lifting the
The H&E stain can be somewhat lightened with acid alcohol, and 95% alc.
The destaining is not really necessary. Depending on the
antigen,hopefully it is preserved, the IP staining should work as
usual,with a little dirty H&E background. Good luck. Sometimes it takes
days for coverslips to come off. Jo

>>> "Patsy Ruegg"  02/11/04 10:36AM >>>
I know this has come up before but don't remember the details.  I would
like to do IHC for AE1/AE3 on a slide from a study set that has been H&E
stained and coverslipped for some time now.  Please advise.  Is there a
preferred method for removing the coverslip and maintaining the section
integrety? Destaining the H&E?  Doing the IHC stain on this section?

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