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From:"Barry R Rittman"

Depending on your tissue, you may wish to consider embedding in a lower melting point paraffin wax. This will generally enable you to cut much thicker sections will less curling and cracking. 
You can lower the MP of paraffin wax with a variety of additives such as beeswax or buy a lower MP wax from the supplier.
Other approaches would be to use a thin layer beeswax on the top and bottom of the block for better adherence between sections as they are being cut so that they remain flatter; or use a block of lower MP wax  wiping a thin layer of this on the surface of the block between sections. The latter is very time consuming and you have to be careful to be squeaky clean but it helps especially with sections that tend to crack.

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	Any suggestions for cutting thick (20-50) micron paraffin sections. They
	curl when they hit the blade and though I am perservering, I was hoping for
	a tip or two, or three or four or five .................
	Annette FeatherstoneHT/MLT
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