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Just stating facts here.  I've used a Microm with the vacutome and it was a dream to cut in it.  There was lots of room for specimens inside and for the most part it was pretty reliable.  Now I'm in a different lab with the new Leica CM1850.  The unit is less than two years old and it already had to be replaced with a new one.  I have also worked with the Shandon and Tissue Tek, my favorite is still the Microm.  Like with all things what matters is what you feel good about, so I recomend you try them all.  If you follow this forum often, you know what I'm talking about.  Good luck on your search,

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	We and our anatomy department is looking for a new cryostat.  We would
	like some input on the different brands.  Anatomy has looked at the
	Brite OTF5000HS, with the 5040 microtome.  It is terribly expensive.  We
	have been looking at the Leica and Sakura.  However, we haven't looked
	at the Thermo yet or other brands.  Can any of you help us get a handle
	on what's out there.  We will be doing all types of tissues,
	particularly fat and/or skin.  Thank you, Cheryl
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