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From:Andrew Iwaniuk

Hello all,

I have a question regarding the preparation of museum specimens for histology.
 I recently obtained access to several museum specimens (formalin fixed and 
then preserved in 70% ethanol) that we are using for a comparative 
neuroanatomical study.  We are hoping to successfully extract the brains and 
section the tissue to examine cerebellar structure.  I was thinking of taking 
the brains through a graded series of ethanols to PBS, post-fixing in PFA and 
gelatin embedding them for frozen sections.  Alternatives would be to leave it 
in 70% ethanol and section it on a vibratome or paraffin embed them.

Does anyone have any experience in performing histology on museum specimens 
like these or suggestions/advice on the matter?

Andrew Iwaniuk

Andrew N. Iwaniuk
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