[Histonet] massons trichrome

From:Rita Angel

hello all,

I was hoping someone could help us with a trichrome problem. We are 
suddenly having problems with the muscle in heart tissue staining purple 
instead of red. Our skin control is staining the same way. There are 2 
techs in the lab, and we're both having problems. The problems are with 
complete batches, not slides within the batch. We each stained 2 batches in 
a row, one batch stained with the purple muscle, and the 2nd batch with red 
muscle. We're leaving the slides in the solutions the same amount of time 
and rinsing the same amount of times, etc. We're using the same solutions 
from the same bottles, etc. (we make all of our own solutions). We are 
unable to think of what could be causing the problem. Also, our slides are 
still really black when they are finished rinsing after the wiegert's step. 
Could this be causing it? I appreciate any advice.


Rita Angel, HT
University of Cincinnati

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