[Histonet] freezing microtome disposable blade holder

From:Saundra Patrick

Hi Everyone,
This is my first experience using histonet. It was suggested to me that I 
might find through histonet, a blade holder for our very old (but still 
working well)American Optical 860 freezing microtome. We are presently 
using a permanant  steel blade that needs sharpening periodically. We would 
like to try using disposable blades but have no disposable blade holder for 
this microtome.
Here are my two questions.
1)Does anyone know where we might purchase a blade holder that will fit our 
microtome? It is the grandfather of microtomes.
2)Would we be compromising quality of the sectioned slice by using 
disposable blades instead of  using our permanent blade?
We use the microtome for slicing frozen paraformaldehyde-fixed rodent brain 
tissue at 30 to 80 um thickness.
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