[Histonet] Xylene or "solvents" a hazard?


Very informative article Vinnie- but only 21 of the 125 exposed women were
histotechs- it would be more useful to know how many of the 13 major and 5
minor malformations, the 17 fetal distress, the 9 premies, the 12
miscarriages (not much more than unexposed- 20% greater risk) , were in
histotechs rather than the 104 persons in industry or other disciplines
presuambly using methyl ethyl ketone, benzene, and who knows what else. This
is not to say that I don't think pregnant techs should be rotated away from
 By the way- I read about the "horrors" of limonene- I  love my limonene,
have for 20+years, and I wonder how many labs use it versus aliphatics?
Never met anyone who had a problem with it and visitors to the lab
(courriers, other techs) love the smell- when you can smell it at all.
Jeff Silverman

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