[Histonet] Thanks for responses re Critical Incident

From:Derek and/or Lynda Leopold

Hi All,
Just wanted to  publicly thank all who sent me some words of advice.  My 
original thought was that jumping from 88% to 3 changes of absolute 
might have caused the dehydration to happen too rapidly and therefore 
cause the shrinkage we saw, but it seems that the more likely reason was 
under-infiltration of paraffin.  We are a lab of fairly inexperienced 
staff, due to a couple of retirements happening at the same time, so we 
are learning VERY quickly!!  This list is an incredible resource for us; 
we discuss the digests nearly every day.  So, I just want to head off 
any more tying up the netspace with what seemed like an obvious answer 
(to everyone but me, ha ha.); you can still send me info off-list if you 
Thanks again!!

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