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our group is studying interaction of microbial cells (yeast and bacteria) to several kinds of biomaterials. We conduct physico/chemical analysis of the involved surfaces (mainly throgh surface thermodynamical analysis: contact angles with several liquids) and have also an atomic force microscopy for high resolution mapping of the surface topography and force measurements.

At this moment, we are interested in seeing what is happening with the contact side of the cell with the substratum. For this reason, we are now interested in applying optical methods to analyse cell deposition/adhesion, in order to complete a set of experiments already performed with other techniques with Candida, Enterococcus and Staphyloccocus strains.

I am planning now to acquire such a type of instrument, and I am specially interested in

1. Total internal reflection microscopy
2. Confocal Laser scanning microscopy (CLSM)

I would very much appreciate your advice on which of these two techniques have been proven to be more useful for this kind of experiments, and also advice on some good and cost-effective equipment (model).

Of course if some of you have already experience in this kind of experiments and are open to a collaboration to get more insight into these adhesion phenomena, I will be mostly grateful if you contact me to discuss it further.

Best wishes,

Antonio Méndez Vilas
Interfacial Phenomena and Biosurfaces Group
Department of Physics
Universidad de Extremadura
Avda de Elvas s/n
06001 Badajoz
E-mail: amvilas@unex.es

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