[Histonet] Loss of Nuclear Detail in Bone Marrow

From:"Bernadette Weston"

Our bone marrow latey are losing their nuclear detail, both in the core and 
aspirate.  They are processed in 2 different processors as 2 different 
fixatives are used. Histochoice for the aspirate and B+ for the core. Our B+ 
cores have been coming our beautifully but the last few have developed solid 
blue nuclei with no chromatin detail.  The aspirate goes immediately into 
Histochoice, the core is in B+ for 2 and half hours, in Decal Stat until 
they float, 15 minutes to an hour.  The program is a 13 overnight process.

Bernadette Weston HT
Barberton Citizens Hospital
Barberton, OH

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