[Histonet] Ki 67 antibody

From:Martin Weber

I want to use a Ki 67 antibody for the detection of human cells in a 
mouse tissue background. The tissue I want to look at was prefixed with 
4% PFA at 4C overnight. I have fresh frozen sections of these tissue 
It seems to me that for most Ki67 antibodies to work under these 
circumstances an antigen retrival step is required. Apparantly this is 
difficult to achieve for fresh frozen sections because they fall off the 
slide during the heating process. Does anybody know an Ki 67 antibody 
(polyclonal or monoclonal) that might still work with formalin prefixed 
fresh frozen sections ? I also heard a rumor about coating slides so 
that the sections do not fall off anymore or using a special brand of 
slides ? Should I look rather for a polyclonal or monoclonal antibody ?
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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